Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to -Chain Adjustment on Old Harley

How to -Chain Adjustment on Old Harley This is a quick how to on how to check and lube a motorcycle chain. You want to check it for tightness and also chain runout. If the chain goes slack (loose) and tight as you spin the tire (wheel) than you have a problem in the chain or sprockets or both.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fast, Easy Way to Clean Spark-plugs for Motorcycles & small engines.

Fast, Easy Way to Clean Spark-plugs for Motorcycles & small engines. This works almost every time to clean a fouled or oil soaked spark plug. The sand blaster spark plug cleaners are not that good because they will put a glaze on the insulation part of the spark plug. That could cause the spark plug to short out. I usually use this method to clean the plug on one of the lawn mowers that burns a lot of oil and constantly need the plug to be cleaned. This cleaning method also works great on any motorcycle spark plug. No matter how oily or fouled the spark plug is enough heat will burn away all the fouling and you will have a perfectly clean spark plug.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Motorcycle Braking tips, especially for low speeds

Motorcycle Braking tips, especially for low speeds. Many times motorcycle riders tip the bike or crash at very low speeds when the motorcycle is least stabilized. Often this is due to using the front brake at a very low speed. An example would be when you are going through a parking lot and looking for a place to park and someone steps out in front of you. If you hit the front brake hard at 10 mph and you are not completely straight it could cause you to tip over. At very LOW speeds I only use the back brake. During Normal riding you should use both brakes. The front brake has about 3/4th of the stopping power. Often riders will not use enough front brake in stopping a motorcycle and for most stopping situations you need to make sure you apply the front brake well. But at very low speeds, such as 5mph or 10 mph, the bike is not stabilized and often at those speeds you may be making slight turns. If you hit the front brake hard at 5 or 10 mph you could tip it over, if you are not perfectly straight up. You see a lot of very low speed accidents due to this. At very low speeds, like 5 to 10 mph, the back brake only is best.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Lube the Chain on a Harley.

How to Lube the Chain on a Harley. There is a right way to do Harley (motorcycle) maintenance and a wrong way. Maintenance on a motorcycle is critical and is much more a safety factor than with a car. When using a lube to oil the chain on a motorcycle, use a lube that is designed not to fly off the chain and also will resist water. I use a heavy-duty O-ring chain on this Harley Sportster because it requires less maintenance than the standard chains but it still requires some lube from time to time. When lubing (oiling) the chain on a motorcycle spray the Inside of the chain and also spray the chain in a direction away from the rear tire. I've seen people get oil on the tire and douse the outside of the chain with so much oil that oil gets on the rear tire. You definitely don't want to do that.